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Mobile Television Production Systems


Bennett Systems has handled the engineering and system integration for many of the latest generation productions trucks on the road today. With the ongoing push to DIGITAL and HD, the engineering phase of your project is more important than ever before. Equipment capabilities are constantly changing, and we can insure that your truck is able to take advantage of the very latest designs.

ERGONOMICS... an area not to be overlooked in the system engineering phase of the project. This includes both physical and environmental considerations. The very greatest technical systems can be rendered second-rate if the creature comfort details are ignored. In other words, your truck can contain the latest technical marvels, but if your production personnel are not comfortable in the truck, they will reconsider whom they hire next time. Not to be overlooked however, the technical marvels have needs of their own. Proper engineering can assure that all these needs are met simultaneously.

...are a reality in our industry today. Your truck will be designed with your specific needs and desires in mind. We can draw from our large store if experience in the engineering specifics of large scale mobile production vehicles, which includes the "experience of quantity", AND a varied client base that has allowed us to develop some unique approaches to solving common problems.

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE..., of course, at the very heart of the entire project. We will work with your engineers from the very beginning of your project, from concept right on through the final testing. This assures that the finished truck not only fills your needs, but surpasses them where possible. No details are left to chance. In a live production setting, it is important that everything has been foreseen, and complete flexibility is built in from the ground up.