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Mobile Television Production Systems

In House Fiberoptic Lab

Bennett Systems has made the commitment to Fiberoptics by purchasing the latest in fiber fusion splicing equipment, and test equipment. The Fujikura 70s is the very latest in this technology, and has been hard at work already in our facility. For testing we have everything from TDR capability, to simple go/no go light source and power meter testers for quick ID if needed. High power digital microscopes round out the equipment compliment to inspect final assemblies, or troubleshoot older systems for maintenance.

This allows us to manufacture fiberoptic assemblies that are custom fit to YOUR mobile unit, and can simply run alongside the other wiring without the complexity and expense of conduit or special handling to protect the fiber cables. We manufacture TAC assemblies for this, which are more robust than the coax they live with in the truck.

Former installations required either very careful handling and placement of delicate fibers, or expensive and bulky installation of conduit for the internal fibers. Our in house fabrication has done away with both of these constraints.

In addition, we offer to our clients the ability to repair and maintain their outside TAC assemblies. These can take the form of TAC 2 to TAC 12 cables, either loose or on reels. We have custom ending manufactured for us, allowing longer whips than most in the industry.