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Mobile Television Production Systems


Bennett Systems has performed the system integration for many of the latest generation productions trucks on the road today. You will be relying on your system integrator to turn your engineering ideas into reality. (Television is as real as it gets, isn't it??)

Installation consists of more than just throwing a bunch of wires into a truck. Our installation techniques are second to none in the industry. Considerations such as airflow and future access for service, often overlooked by others, are the cornerstones of our installation process.

Of course, all that fancy hardware and pretty wiring aren't going to be of much use unless you can find it all when you need it. To address that issue, we have developed custom label systems for all of your patch bays, tie panels, and external connector panels. External plastic labels, now fabricated in-house, are weatherproof and changeable, to accomodate all the future growth that you may incur over the life of the truck.

Custom Connector Panels that are designed by Bennett Systems are used throughout the truck, based upon tried and tested concepts developed during our earlier builds, and updated as needed to reflect changes in equipment and usage. Individualized custom panels are also available, should you have specific needs for your project that are not reflected by our standard stock of available panels.

High Density Wiring, while a daunting challenge to many, is one of those things we at Bennett Systems consider to be routine. Below the surface of those pretty wire bundles, it however, it is anything but routine. Cable installation is performed in such a way as to preserve both the integrity of the cable, and allow for access, service, and air flow.  And of course, it DOES look good!!!

Testing the complete wiring job is never taken for granted at Bennett Systems. Every single cable is checked before it is installed, and then tested again before the truck leaves our shop. At this phase of the project, any minor 'tweaks' that become necessary are performed, such as installing that 'one little cable' that everyone forgot about until now. Testing assures that NOTHING is forgotten, and EVERYTHING that is installed works properly.

Commissioning is where it all comes together. This assures that not only is the cabling, engineering, and installation correct, but the ENTIRE TRUCK works together as a SYSTEM. Factory personnel have gone through your cameras, tape decks, major systems groups as required. All equipment is tested under actual show conditions. Your truck leaves our shop ready to go out and do a show.